Agricultural Engineeringn

As an employer, PreussenElektra offers an exciting and demanding work environment with diverse areas of activity.

Here, our employees can unfold in an environment of appreciation, trust and respect. We specifically promote the individual abilities and talents of each individual. Here, each of our employees has the opportunity to develop their skills and to grow beyond themselves. Get to know some of our exceptional employees here.

How it possible Engineering

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  • Environmental control systems
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  • Previous casing is maintained
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Areas of Research

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  • Farm operations and management
  • Animal production and care
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  • Farm safety, security and ergonomics

Our identification

We are the PreussenElektra, a team of dedicated women and men.

  • We are at home in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Bavaria. Language may be different to us - what holds us together is our passion for nuclear technology and our closeness to our region.
  • Every single one of us ensures that our nuclear power plants are safe. Be it on the shift, in radiation protection or in the planning office. Day and night. 365 days a year. That we can do that, we have shown in the last decades. We will do that until the last day.